Custom Orthotics (Arch Supports)Custom orthotics can help correct many foot and ankle related issues. At Resnikoff Podiatry and Foot Surgery Center, Dr. Adam Resnikoff uses state-of-the-art measurement and evaluation techniques to create custom orthotics for his patients suffering from foot and ankle conditions. Patients in Murray Hill, NY, and throughout the Midtown East Manhattan area are encouraged to visit Dr. Resnikoff for custom orthotics.

What are orthotics?

Orthotics are inserts for the shoe that are specially designed to add support, reduce friction and pressure, and address a wide array of foot and ankle related problems. Problems with gait (a person’s manner of walking) and balance can also be corrected with the use of orthotics. At Resnikoff Podiatry and Foot Surgery Center, orthotics are custom designed for each patient. Dr. Resnikoff will take into account the unique foot shape and medical needs of each patient. Orthotics are crafted using detailed measurements of the foot and ankle, as well as in-depth data regarding the specific problem that is being addressed. These measurements are used to create the orthotic using the highest-quality materials and based on the specific needs of the patient for long-lasting relief. This customization creates a truly individualized fit aimed at achieving optimal results in the relief of symptoms like pain or pressure.

What kinds of issues do custom orthotics address?

Custom orthotics can be designed to fit all types of footwear, including athletic shoes and high heels. They are used to treat many types of foot and ankle problems including corns, calluses, bunions, blisters, neuromas, hammertoes, fallen arches, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs and more. Orthotics can create a more stabilized step when walking or running which can relieve knee and back pain as well.

How do custom orthotics differ from shoe inserts available at the drugstore?

The foot and ankle are very complex structures comprised of dozens of bones, tendons, ligaments and other soft tissues. Commercially-available shoe inserts that are available over-the-counter or off the shelf are designed to address generalized issues. These types of inserts act mostly as cushions and may not relieve the specifics of the issue you are having with your step. Professional grade orthotics are custom made using a plaster mold of the patient’s foot. The orthotics are then designed for each patient specifically taking into account their unique foot shape and structure, specific medical needs, pressure points and more for full support and optimal results.

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